Raise your skills to a new level!

Whether you are just getting started or an entrepreneur with considerable experience, a qualification or additional training completed through an apprenticeship brings reliability to entrepreneurship and diversifies your business. Through an apprenticeship, you are trained while working in your own company. An entrepreneur’s apprenticeship is based on an agreement between an entrepreneur and an apprenticeship operator.

Entrepreneur – raise your skills to a new level through an apprenticeship!

You complete 80% of the training in your company while working and the remaining 20% in an educational institution, online or remotely. Through apprenticeship learning, you will expand your network and receive new ideas for a successful entrepreneurship. You will only pay the qualification fee (58 e), and receive valuable training without any other tuition fees. The objective of the training is always to develop the company and its operations. Complete a qualification in your vocational field or a qualification related to entrepreneurship through an apprenticeship.

Boost your skills to a new level, choose apprenticeship training!


  • The company has just been founded
  • A change in the market creates a need to develop or diversify services
  • The company is growing and the entrepreneur wants to develop his or her leadership skills
  • Support is needed for the purchase or sale of a company
  • The desire or need to update vocational skills

Apprenticeship costs for an entrepreneur

Apprenticeship learning only costs a one-time qualification fee for an entrepreneur. The qualification fee is 58 euros. You can apply for compensation for loss of income due to participation in theoretical studies (1–4 days per month) from your region’s apprenticeship operator as social benefits related to studies (per diem allowance and family allowance).

An apprenticeship student may also apply for a travel and accommodation allowance. The benefits are statutory and tax-free.

An entrepeneur needs a mentor

An entrepreneur studying through an apprenticeship has to find a mentor for himself or herself. The national mentor bank, for example, can be used as an aid. A mentor does not need to operate in your company’s field.

Your mentor commits to guiding and supporting you in your goals and meeting with you regularly during the entire time you are completing the qualification, i.e. approximately 1.5 years. He or she assesses your progress and learning and cooperates with your educational institution and your region’s apprenticeship operator.

An entrepreneur studying through an apprenticeship is responsible for communications with the mentor. You will meet according to needs and objectives, usually every 4–6 weeks. It is a good idea to be in contact with the mentor also between meetings. A mentor shares his or her know-how and experience with you and encourages you onwards. The relationship is confidential.

Theoretical studies

As an apprenticeship student-entrepreneur, you attend an educational institution offering instruction in your qualification field for 1–4 days per month to complete the theoretical studies. Thus, you receive instruction from two parties (the mentor and the educational institution), which provides you with new skills, networks, procedures and competency to manage your company’s operations even better than before.

Completing qualifications

You will show your know-how in competence-based examinations in the workplace. Successfully passed competence-based examinations finally lead to a qualification.

Prerequisites for an entrepreneur’s apprenticeship

You can study through an apprenticeship in your company when the following conditions are met:

  • You work full-time (at least 25 h / week) in your company
  • You have notified the tax authorities about starting entrepreneurial activities
  • Your business has a business ID
  • You pay the entrepreneur’s pension insurance
  • Your company is entered in the preliminary tax withholding register and/or the VAT withholding register