Recruiting through an apprenticeship

If you want to train a new employee through an apprenticeship, do the following:

  1. Verify that your workplace is suitable for an apprenticeship or ask your region’s apprenticeship operator about the matter.
  2. If you do not yet have an apprenticeship student, search for one, for example, in the TE Office’s CV-net.
  3. Leave an apprenticeship advertisement on job sites such as Duunitori, and When you find a suitable apprenticeship student, then at the latest please contact your region’s apprenticeship operator. Consider whether it would be sensible for both parties to try out the suitability without an employment relationship* or for you to enter into an agreement of at least four months with him or her.

*Suitability trial
The suitability of an apprenticeship for the employer and student can be tried out without commitments. Familiarisation is a 1–6 month internship period, when the apprenticeship student is not in an employment relationship. The trial is a practical way for both the employer and the student to find out if the parties are compatible and if making an apprenticeship agreement could be a working solution.

During training, the employer sees how committed the student is to the work and how motivated he or she is to learn. Training also provides an opportunity to find out how suitable the student is for the industry and work community and what kind of an attitude he or she has. Ask more from your region’s apprenticeship operator.